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How To

By Pamela Peeters

Are you the one for whom doodling on the sideline of your paper while chatting on the phone is already a great artistic achievement or do you have a multitude of art utensils that express your subconsciousness like a true master on real canvas? Whatever level you are at, in what follows – we, at Sustainable Styles invite you to explore that inner artist and translate your most positive projection about a sustainable planet with the following art assignment.

The Eco Hero project is composed of an art challenge and a writing exercise. Participants are encouraged to make an art piece that expresses their wishes/vision for a Sustainable Planet and perhaps also write a letter to their leaders, urging them to safeguard the quality of our environment and to invest in healthy communities for the sake of the present and the future generations to come.

The results of this project will become part of a mural – the Eco Hero Wall of Fame - to be unveiled during the seventh edition of the Sustainable Planet film festival, scheduled for November 13th and 14th, 2012. The goal is to be a catalyst for the voices of the global conscious community who believes in a Sustainable Planet.


In order to leverage some international motivational pressure – the elegant way – we have already launched the Eco Hero project in several nations around the world (USA, Canada, Belgium and Brazil) and invite you to join this original project as well.

Here is what to do:

1. Create your own canvas.

(take a virgin white piece of paper and a CD/DVD. Make the circumference of the disk on the white piece of paper and cut it out with a pair of scissors.)

2. Collect pencils, markers, mixed media materials, anything goes.

3. Think of expressing your wish for the future of our planet and only use the inner part of the circle as your canvas.

(what does a sustainable planet look like, how you see different communities live harmoniously together,…, )

4. Write your name on the front of the canvas and let us know on the back if you are in the 0-18 or 18+ age group. On the back, add that you "hereby release your artwork" all while signing with your name, so we can use it for our Eco Hero Wall of Fame. Have someone take a digital picture with you holding your canvas in front of you. Send your art piece to our PO Box ( Pamela Peeters, PO Box 1840, New York, NY 10013, USA ) and the photograph to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5. If you do not feel like drawing or making an art project, you can still enter the competition if you send a letter addressed to your local leader – or even your King or President – and tell them what you expect as your sustainable future.

Good luck!

More information and some examples on the Eco Hero Wall of Fame:

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