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Anna R Lee

How To

By Shelly Reif

Our ability as humans to manifest our own reality has evolved miraculously in recent years. Now, as ancient spiritual wisdom meets scientific innovation, we are better able to see how connected our internal thoughts are to our external environment.

In my teaching of mind-body wellness, I notice that students who intentionally cultivate new thought patterns of well-being also tend to adapt to a lifestyle complementary to the planet on which they live. In this win/win situation lies the seed of greater balance between humanity and nature. Certainly, it is time.

There are five points that I share with students wishing to reclaim the role of creator in their own life experiences. They can enhance well-being in all its aspects.

1. Maintain a daily practice.

Make time to build the muscle of inner awareness. The platform from which we launch our dreams exists within the perfect presence of the self. Quantum science proves that our thoughts precede that which we experience. Become the master of your thoughts, and you will become the master of your life. This practice can be morning meditation, a silent commune with nature, or a visualization of well-being. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day for this practice, make it non-negotiable, and, most important, enjoy!

2. Be your own editor.

Every impression you allow upon your mind becomes the perspective from which you react to life. Avoid being a spectator of human tragedy through TV, film, gossip, and even your own thoughts. Approach life as if every single thing that you invite into your psyche (news, books, or other people’s opinions) will become the life that you live. If you desire peace, success, and happiness, then purposefully surround yourself with the people and environments that represent that to you.

3. Cultivate original thought.

Learn to differentiate between thoughts that are truly original within you and thoughts that are the product of outside influences, like advertising, news programming, and social structuring. The seeds of happiness lie in our own self-expression, but first we must understand what is truly our choice, not what has been suggested to us by others. Most self-judgment is based on comparison to others, and much of that comparison is the result of commercial images telling us we need to be better than we are. Begin to express your true preferences, and let old ways of thinking be replaced with new, original thought – inspiring, dynamic life choices in line with the highest good for all.

4. Perfect the art of joy.

It is the sensation of joy, combined with new thought and experience, that overrides old negative, synaptic connections in the brain and allow new positive patterns of thought and emotion to develop. These biological patterns are the perspective from which we experience life, as well as the way we are perceived by others. Take time throughout each day to conjure a sensation of joy within yourself, even and especially, when life is challenging.

5. Act from integrity.

Consider every word, action, and thought you produce to be the building blocks of your reality. Even a silent judgment against another brings us out of integrity with ourselves by reinforcing negative thought patterns where we could be building new, beneficial ones. Never blame another for your situation; rather, accept responsibility for all aspects of your life. Create the universe in which you would want to live, by being the highest possible example of what you know to be right and good for all.


Shelly is the developer and Master trainer of AntiGravity Yoga: Restorative and teaches worldwide under the name of Shelly Bomb.

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