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Anna R Lee


By Pamela Peeters

Fashion - like art, music, and film – is a part of how we express ourselves, with the power to inspire people. These creative instruments often go hand in hand, in a combination that complements their sensory and emotional power. Movement, color, sound, and fabric – together, they open the door to a richer experience.

Ethical fashion does more: it enables a social relationship between creator and consumer. In a sustainable world, the human component is only one part of the balance between the environment, economy, and society that will shape our future.


As an environmental economist, eco-consultant, and media producer, I hope to enable others to look past less-sustainable alternatives in business and lifestyles. With the television show Our Planet, the Sustainable Planet Film Festival (already in New York, Brussels, Antwerp, Amman, and Bahrain), the book Urban Ecology, and now here, with Sustainable Styles, I try to hear the voice of Mother Earth through the filter of a contemporary urban fabric.

I was therefore happy to help the Parisian Ethical Fashion Show in crossing the Atlantic to New York. With some devoted fashionistas, we created a two-day program as a meeting point for the adopters of sustainable lifestyle solutions – including partners, the media, and friends. The feedback was so overwhelming that I decided to bring Ethical Fashion to television.


Earth-A-Wear will showcase what sustainable fashion looks like. It aims at raising awareness of what in your wardrobe and on your shopping list is ecologically and socially responsible. The pilot was shot this summer with a fabulous team: fashion designer Meiling Chen, Earth-A-Wear experts Starre Vartan and Rachel Miller, cameraman Sergei Krasikov, and award winning photographer Carey Kirkella. The results not only look good but also feel good, because ethical fashion has a smaller impact on the environment, and the product has a life-cycle analysis (LCA) that ensures that everyone involved receives a fair wage. The series uses reality television to “edutain,” introducing fashion designers who are ethically and environmentally friendly – and why. The show, which takes the form of a one-hour “challenge,” will make its debut on this very website.

We don't want to give everything away just yet. In the meantime, we invite you to suggest ethical and fair trade–minded designers. Send us your suggestions for future episodes! We want your answers, too, to this question:

Question: How would your relationship to fashion change, if it represented both the creative contribution of its creator and a harmonious relationship with nature?

More information: Preview trailer on CURRENT TV

Photo by: Carey Kirkella

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