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Anna R Lee

How To

Katherine Crockett

As we evolve from the industrial era to a new, sustainable paradigm, it is important that we keep ourselves grounded, but at the same time open. We need to find the right tools so that we can flow with confidence to an unknown destination. As principal dancer for the Martha Graham dance company, I want to share some of the things that helped me in my career and that could help, too, in the new roles demanded of you.

1. "It has nothing to do with the brain," the dancer Yuriko told me.

Solutions for planet Earth come from a different place. "Use your animal instinct, feel the hairs on your skin, don't be predictable, and let yourself have an experience. Feel the hunger in the center of your palm, but don't make it about you personally. It must be universal; it must go beyond."

2. Find a mentor like Yuriko to guide you.

A generous mentor sees the potential that lies dormant within you. He or she points out the bigger you beyond the individual and guides you to that part of you. Yuriko sees what Martha intended and also integrates that structure in mentoring, while bringing the excitement of the inner giant. As Yuriko puts it, “I want you to have an experience.”

3. Find your true voice.

I am still finding it, because it is changing. Depending on what dance piece you are doing, you come through in a different way. When you dance, you have to let go of who you think you are. Sometimes it is difficult, because good art has to be beyond your desire. You have to let go of your ego to find your true voice. A new you is waiting.

4. Understand the sacredness of our Earth.

It is important to explore the connection with Earth and feel the loose sand. If you feel only concrete, you stop experiencing life. You limit yourself. I hope we can find a balance between growth and understanding the sacredness of our Earth and allow that balance to permeate our decisions.

5. Changing a life course is about choreographing unexpressed emotions.

In every piece different characters go through different experiences, like sorrow, lust, and love. It’s all about experiencing things right now. I try to plug that experience into the character, and if I cannot do that, I ask the character to teach me.


Katherine Crockett has been ranked number 2 Best in Dance by New York magazine. She is the principal dancer of the Martha Graham dance company and has starred in works of Robert Wilson, Lucinda Childs, and Susan Stroman, as well as in Richard Move's Achilles Heels with Mikhail aryshnikov, and Placido Domingo's Aida. She has performed at the Cannes Film Festival, the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, and the Gala of the Stars of the 21st century. She has also modeled for Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Victoria’s Secret, and photographers Herb Ritts and Albert Watson. She has choreographed runway and fashion events as well. Katherine was body double to Cate Blanchet in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and is the lead in Tiny Dancer, now in production.


Katherine has offered a bidding item for our boutique. She will present a unique performance at BAM and has then generously offered a backstage meet and greet. The two lucky ones will be invited to a dinner for two at Dino restaurant afterwards.

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